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Erp project ppt

The ERP implementation process includes installing your software, transferring all your data, both financial and transactional data, mapping your processes, and training your users to actually use the software.

This process will determine whether your ERP implementation is a success or a failure. It won't unfortunately implement your ERP for you. It will, however, provide you with the information, resources, and templates to gain an in-depth understanding of the implementation process and increase your chance of a successful project. Creating an efficient and dedicated ERP implementation team will make your job much, much easier. An experienced implementation consultant will have seen it all before, and can circumnavigate problems before they arise.

Before setting off on your implementation, you should have plans in place for:. Change always brings a degree of disruption, but this can be minimized by:.

If it was easy to answer, there would be far fewer overbudget ERP implementations and far more people volunteering to project manage them. According to a recent Softwarethinktank analysis :.

This suggests that, overall, over half of ERP implementations run over budget. Still, there are some costs it is possible to define. You should then include all of these factors in your implementation budget to avoid being hit by hidden costs:. Get it wrong, and things may start to crumble.

Be ready to assist them in:. User adoption is key to hoi4 mexican empire success of your ERP implementation project, and a suitable user training plan is essential in achieving this.

Regardless of which training method suits your workforce best, four features of all successful training programs include:. Tip: identify promising, tech-savvy members of staff to train as ERP superusers. They can then deal with low level user issues, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. Use this to your advantage. Communication is key here, both with your team and with the wider workforce.

We've now come to the end of our ERP implementation plan. A final word before signing off: all companies are different. Implementation ERP implementation plan: the definitive 7 step methodology Updated: 6th February Free white paper.

Featured white papers. Sign up to our newsletter Sign up. Thank You! Your first ERP newsletter should arrive in your inbox soon. What are the main benefits of implementing an ERP system? Three big benefits you can achieve by implementing ERP.

Difficult to coordinate across large workforces, especially with shift workers. Easily customized to specific roles; easier to coordinate than in-person training. Encouraging employees to complete on top of regular work can be difficult.After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play. Get the plugin now. Toggle navigation. Help Preferences Sign up Log in.

erp project ppt

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View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Title: ERP. Provided by: monshizade. Tags: erp erp. Latest Highest Rated. Title: ERP 1????? ERP Implementation????? Best Practice??????? AS IS???? TO BE????? ERP 11?????? ERP 13?????? Project Preparation? Project Charter v???? Technical Requirement v?????Conference Paper Resource Management Enterprise Resources Planning ERP systems are large and complex IT products designed to support and help to manage virtually every area of a firm and, in many cases, integrate the firm's internal processes with business planning and execution activities of customers and vendors.

The performance record of implementing these systems shows less than desired results in term of project cost overruns, serious business disruption, poor functionality use, process inefficiencies or all of the above. The author extensive experience and some published articles are used as the main basis for the suggestions and methods put forward.

So why don't ERP systems deliver what they promise? More often than not, the problem lies in project management and implementation methodologies, rather than in the IT technology or ERP software package itself Diaz,p. Some of the critical issues point to the definition of the project itself: is it an IT project, a Business Re-engineering Project or a new technology deployment project?

What type of tool is it? Clearly, the answer to these questions would affect and shape the approach taken to carry out the implementation. Most ERP technology embodies a proven set of Logistics, Manufacturing, Customer Relations and Financial practices, therefore when you embark in an ERP system purchase you are implicitly and explicitly accepting those practices as the business process framework for your firm.

The packages, of course, are not all alike; the set of available proven practices varies according to the size scale of the firm and most packages offered less functionalities for small firm less than 50 employees versus a full set of functionalities for a larger one more than employees and the cost of ownership varies accordingly. Furthermore there are packages that focus on a particular industry sector textiles, automotive, electronics, etc.

If there is a scale or industry focus mismatch although it does not happens that often your implementation project will suffer and you are almost guaranteed to be over budget by trying to retrofit the package and eliminate the mismatch with functionality's modifications and, what is worse, still deploy a tool that does not serve the needs of the business. Most methodologies correctly identify the former group but tend to ignore the latter one. In other words, the implementation project must look at the world through the eyes of the company's essential processes and not just through the eyes of the ERP system practices and functionalities.

The traditional methodologies have unsuccessfully tried to address this issue; most have not selected or included the appropriate mix of processes from the Project Management groups to accomplish the task.

When the project scope and deliverables are defined, one needs tools to ensure and verify that the right scope and deliverables are included and that the appropriate stakeholders have been identified and included in the project management plan.

Let us review them. This list of generic methodologies has been compiled by the author after more than 30 years of experience with several ERP vendors and many implementation projects. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Top Management directs improvement focus, functional teams from each department to re-evaluate business processes, business process ownership has been established, CRP setting is used to map ERP system into improved business processes or vice-versa. Furthermore, these methodologies do two thing wrongly in relationship to scope definition and project initiation.

Secondly, they provide generally good answers to project structure, organization and progress control but still see the project main objective as the implementation of the package without major business disruptions. The challenge of a successful implementation methodology is to implement a set of improved and re-aligned business processes supported by the ERP technology tool within budget and timeline.

In order to meet this challenge the project methodology must include the following generic steps:. The presence of these steps in any methodology ensures that the project management processes of initiating, planning executing, monitoring and closing are properly addressed.

The relationship of the project to the organization's strategic plan identifies the management responsibilities within the organization.

Thus by adding a Business Definition phase to the ERP acquisition and implementation project, one can ensure that all business needs and required critical processes things that the company must do extremely well are aligned to the organization's strategy.

Hence this phase includes a review of existing business practices logistics, procurement, production scheduling, quality assurance, etc.ERP Seminar and PPT with pdf report : The abbreviation of the enterprise resource planning is the ERP, it is a modern business and information applied science component in the present corporate world.

Enterprise resource planning i. ERP is an embedded software solution which is used to manage the resources of the company. The real objective of enterprise resource planning is the enterprise part and it does not concentrate much on the resource and on the planning. The ERP is capable of doing the following functions in a business:. The ERP has failed occasionally due to the following reasons:. The enterprise resource planning refers to the large set of activities which has the support of multi-module application group of programs that aids an organization or firm in its business management.

ERP generally aids the business to advance in the following operational areas:. The operational benefits of the enterprise resource planning are as follows:. Content of the Seminar and pdf report for ERP. All you need to do is just click on the download link and get it. If you liked it then please share it or if you want to ask anything then please hit comment button.

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Related Posts. I am passionate about blogging.A successful implementation depends heavily on the team assembled to design and implement the new ERP system.

erp project ppt

An ERP implementation is one of the most important projects a company can undertake. There are many variables associated with making the project a success and realizing the desired ROI. One of the most critical factors is the ERP project team roles and responsibilities of those selected to participate in the project. Some of the ERP project team roles and responsibilities below are often utilized in order to put together the winning team who will achieve implementation success that meets the expectations and objectives set forth by company management.

Representing the Executive level decision making body, the Executive Sponsors are the highest level in the organizational chain. At times, they may also receive updates from Core Team members. Tracking the progress of the project at a milestone level, the Executive Sponsors need to be informed of identified risks and accompanying action plans.

Corporate level decisions or issues should be handled by these sponsors. Examples of these issues include financial and budget reviews, personnel issues, change management efforts, and decisions related to business processes. One of the sponsors often serves as the Project Cheerleader. Providing support and inspiration to the team is integral to conveying a message of full support from management. The role of Project Champion is identified as an element of the overall Project Approach because of the nature of the role and its significance to the project.

The Champion will participate in the project from beginning to end. At the end of the project lifecycle, the Champion will be the most knowledgeable person about the project and its processes within the company, other than perhaps the Project Manager. It must be understood by Management that the role the individual will play on the project will be a time-consuming one.

ERP Seminar PPT with pdf report

Often this will be a full-time job. Some specific duties of the Champion are:. Read Report Project Manager This is a key role, as the success of the implementation depends on a good Project Manager. Consequently, it is important that the customer appoints one of their best people to fulfill the role and ensure they have the time available to devote to the implementation.

It is possible for the roles of Project Manager and Project Champion to be filled by one individual. However, this is highly dependent on key factors like the size and scope of the project, time availability, and the skillset of the individual filling the roles. The core team has tactical responsibility for the project.

Members of the team deal with the project on a daily basis. Each team member represents a primary discipline within the company.

Enterprise Resource Planning Project in Java PPT

Additionally, each member is individually and equally responsible for the success of entire project. Often one of the primary goals of the project is to centralize information. The core team consists of all disciplines that can be or should be found at each site. The core team will combine efforts with each site team to make up the full ERP Project Team at each site. By bringing the focus of this same core team to each location, processes and information will become more centralized.

Combined with the Core Team, the site team makes up the remainder of the full Project Team at each site. Typically, a site team exists at each location, including corporate. Each site should also have one person who functions as the Site Champion to help coordinate scheduling and ensure all site requirements are met. Executive Sponsors Representing the Executive level decision making body, the Executive Sponsors are the highest level in the organizational chain.

Project Champion The role of Project Champion is identified as an element of the overall Project Approach because of the nature of the role and its significance to the project. Some specific duties of the Champion are: Requirements Coordination — the Champion is often responsible for making sure all elements of the company are represented during the requirements process and specification.

It will not be their job to define the requirements, but it will be their job to make sure the requirements are complete and all departments and locations have been accounted for. The Champion brings to bear their experience with the company and understanding of the future vision and plans of the organization. T est Coordination — the Champion will work closely with the PM to create a TEST plan and system tests, and select the test team and assist in coordination of testing.ERP project management is key to a successful enterprise software implementation.

Inadequate project management has played a major role in failed implementations. A qualified, dedicated project manager is rule number one for a successful ERP implementation. Ultra recommends the establishment of a project management office PMO. The role requires full-time management.

A PMO can include multiple team members as long as responsibilities are clearly defined. The PMO is responsible for managing the resources and the plan.

The PMO will report directly to an executive steering committee. The project team — both vendor and client — report to the PMO. The team members are responsible for completing their tasks according to the plan. All consultants at Ultra are skilled, experienced ERP implementation project managers.

We can assist our clients with any of the following capacities:. Project Manager One of our esteemed consultants can fill the position of Project Manager. In this position, Ultra will manage your staff and the ERP software vendors to achieve an on-time, on-budget implementation. In this role, the Ultra resource will assist the client project manager with the enterprise project management duties. The Ultra Consultant will be on site one to three days per week.

Time requirements will vary based on how much time the client manager can devote to the project. Business Team Leader An Ultra consultant can fill the position of business team leader. Each ERP project requires several functional team leaders. One example is a financial team leader.

Methodologies to implement ERP systems

This individual leads the client staff through the implementation process. The Ultra Consultant will be on site three to four days per week. Clients request this service when they do not have an individual that has the time or the ability to lead a functional team. Steering Committee Advisor An Ultra consultant or partner can fill this position.

erp project ppt

In this role, Ultra provides advice and counsel to the project steering committee and project team throughout the project. The Ultra Consultant or Partner will be on site two to four days per month.

erp project ppt

The following are characteristics of a good project manager: Previous experience managing projects Respect of organization Ability to lead Demands satisfactory performance from the team, both client and vendor Understands the entire range of processes Ultra can often supplement client resources with the execution of PMO duties. We can assist our clients with any of the following capacities: Project Manager One of our esteemed consultants can fill the position of Project Manager.

We wanted a company that, at their core, ERP consulting is what they do and specialize in.Hi, I am new to this field and am being asked to write a project plan for a new ERP implementation.

They all follow pretty much the same roadmap of kick-off, design, build, datamigration, test, implement. But no two detailed proejct plans will ever ever be the same. Too many variables between industry, your specific competitive edge, processes, ERP systems, interfaces and outputs, etc. You'll serious shoot yourself in the foot if you try use someone elses - the likelyhood you will spend too much effort on a certain area, or miss an area or activity entirely is hugely increased.

Your vendor or SI partner should be able to come up with a more focused plan, covering at least three geo, system, industry type out of the box. On the other hand, if you work for the SI and not the customer, I foresee problems with the implementation I'd support Nic's comments, and suggest the following web sites for you to review as far as project management is concerned.

Without knowing where you have your expertise, it is a little hit and miss trying to recommend things, so if these don't hit the right mark, please accept my apologies and use whatever does work for you.

ERP Project Management

They vary between 3 and 7 phases, but if you look at them, they all do pretty much the same thing - they just divide the chunks of work up in different ways. I can have you an MS Project plan with the high level tasks and most import antly, the cutover plan. Enterprise Software. Some name 64k Followers.

Tech Sign In Page. Forgot Password? Don't have an account? Sign up. Is there a template or example out there that someone is willing to share? Thanks for the help. Follow Tech Sign In Page.

At a very high level, there are plenty. Nic Harvard. August 15, AM. Something went wrong on our end. Please try again later. Michael, I'd support Nic's comments, and suggest the following web sites for you to review as far as project management is concerned. Hi Michal, I can have you an MS Project plan with the high level tasks and most import antly, the cutover plan. August 16, PM.

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