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Give your customers the flexibility and extra mobility with Wireless Internet Access MyHotspot is a professional Wireless LAN software solution for providing internet access to your customers. Customers will be redirected to your login page to authenticate with user account or a prepaid-code before getting the Internet access. The PayPal payment option allows your customers to create and pay for network access directly.

The software controls download, upload, data transfer, time usage, visited pages. MyHotSpot Billing software runs on your Windows PC, controls unlimited user or prepaid-code accounts, and displays data to customers on your self-branded pages. Login page When a customer connects to your network and type any website address, login page will be displayed in browser and prompted to authenticate with user or code-account.

Error dialog The Error dialog will be automatically displayed by entering a invalid data, expired or disabled account. Design Customization You can use the configurationmanager of MyHotspot to change the design and access of the login page. You can use this option for example to display your company logo. Successful Login If the customer entered correct details, research simulation task grade 7 examples would be granted.

Infobox is useful as it keeps a customer informed about the current balance an remaining time. Logout HotSpot user will be logged out automatically when time expires, by clicking on Logout button, or automatically by any Internet activity in the specified time.

Free Websites MyHotspot software gives you ability to specify free Websites your users will be able to open without authentication. Buy Flatrate FlatRate is access to your Internet at all hours and days within the booked time at a fixed and cheap tariff. Mobile login page MyHotspot is specifically designed for use on mobile devices e. MyHotspot j260t1 root if the customer is on a mobile or desktop device and then redirect them to the appropriate website version.

Free Access Your customer get a free internet access by login with their social account. Free Login Your customer get a free internet access by entering the access password or by accepting your "Terms and Conditions". Attention: Windows-Firewall!! Windows Firewall restricts and blocks network access and the using of MyHotspot.

You will have to add "MyHotspot. Advertising blocker are an effective way to save your internet bandwidth and protect the privacy of your user. You can use this manager to end a internet session. This allows you to track all visited url pages. Administration user accounts In the user account overview you can create a new user account, edit or delete a existing account. Statistics MyHotspot's statistic will show you all statistical information about the cash sales, session transactions, and logins report.

You can either use the filtering function to adjust the number of data records displayed at one time. Use this manager to add money or sell a product or prepaid-codes to a customer. Traffic rate MyHotspot support traffic rate. This depends of data volume transferred by Down- and Upload. Bandwidth Manager The bandwidth manager helps you to control download and upload rate for your hotspot clients.

Hotspot configuration You can use this configurationmanager to set up your hotspot-network, configure design and access of the login page, specify your free webseites, and define your white MAC list.

Firewall and Port filter The MyHotspot-Firewall can be used to restrict user access to specific servers. You can also prevent the use of certain Internet services e.Internet Cafe Software has original features necessary for cafe owners - it provides full billing and income control, locks unused computers, generates detailed reports and statistics and supports different password protected employee accounts!

This CyberCafe Software let's you process payments quickly and efficiently, remote track CyberCafe management from any Internet connected computer in the world! Registered users have FREE upgrades! Your customers will feel like at home with this CyberCafe Software! Our Internet Cafe Software has unique state-of-the-art design with original and very functional user interface.

Installation is very easy helped with well documented manual and customer support which guarantees easycafe setup. Sell drinks, snacks, hardware and charge printer, scanner and CD-RW services. Cyberleader allows you to restrict access to sensitive system areas. Control time usage of your computers from the main computer Server. With the press of the "help" button customer can read a short manual.

You can write here important things like : how-to instructions, prices, terms When the session is finished, Client can be rebooted from the Server with the press of the button or automatically after the specified interval Many Client options are administered from Server including: - pricing - security options and list of restricted programs which will be auto terminated - color of Client protection masks - web page which contains banner adds This way all connected Clients are setup at once!

Cyberleader is the market leading management software for cyber cafes. On the basis of real-life experience and several thousand licenses sold worldwide, Cyberleader 4. If you have more the one cafe, we have additional program for you. Cyber Cafe Management can be done from remote location. The main client control panel features very functional user interface optimized for x and higher resolution. Banner adds and controls are placed on the desktop's bottom. CyberLeader now has the ability to bill customers online through PayPal.

This feature was designed especially for Internet Kiosks. Customers don't have to spend time figuring it out. Comprehensive client PC security Client PCs are locked between sessions Designed for Internet and Gaming cafes, hotels, restaurants, college campuses, libraries and other institutions that provide computers for public usage.That was more than our entire client base at that time.

I like the fact that I can follow business remotely. I'm always on business trips, on the go, but I can just get my phone and check in real time how things are going, how many people are in the club now, what they're playing, how things are with the proceeds — all of this is very important to me. SENET gave us a vision of the future. We see it as a basis to build a network on, to develop our business.

And quite profitable I am glad that after the introduction of SENET the accounting system and the cash registers have become absolutely transparent. Clients really like the fact that they can see all the news and announcements on the screen, right in the program shell.

Compared to the rest of programs present on the market SENET product looks like a breath of fresh air. We use cookies to better understand how the site is used. By clicking OK or browsing the site, you allow us to use your cookies according to our Acceptable Use Policy. Alex K. Zlata B. SMILE club. Our partners.

Get an offer. Ready to join us? Full name This field is required. Organization This field is required. Phone number This field is required. Email This field is required. Additional details optional This field is required.Take a look at their unique set of features and determine which program works best for your needs. All these programs are compatible with Windows 10 and older versions of the operating system. You will be able to bill your customers for the Internet, apps, gamesprinting and so on.

Check out more features of this great software on its official website and choose the best plan that fits your business. You have four options to choose from: lite, standard, premium and enterprise. Learn how to protect your Windows 10 device on public Wi-Fi networks by reading this handy guide. There will be no charge for any feature of this software. Test your Internet speed with the best tools available for Windows You have more options to choose from: the professional package, the standard pack, the lite package, and the free program.

Keep an eye on all the downloads with a Download Manager. Check out our top picks in this article. In the user account overview, you will be able to create a new user account, and you can also edit and delete an existing account. It shows statistical information about the cash sales, login reports and session transactions.

5 best Internet cafe software for Windows 10 to use in 2019

PanCafe Pro is, by all means, a top-notch software solution when it comes to internet cafe software. It comes with many necessary features and with the modern multi-lingual support.

Need an internet filter? Take a look at this article with the best internet filter software to use. They are all packed with lots of unique and useful features, and the best thing you can do is to head over to their official website and check them all out by yourself before deciding which one is the best choice for your cyber business.

In this day and age, every household has access to the Internet. An Internet cafe software tool helps you manage an Internet cafe or gaming center business. You can use it to remotely control the computers of your customers, like setting time limits and managing application access.

internet cafe software

A gaming cafe is simply an Internet cafe dedicated to gamers. Each license includes a server and a number of client computers; you will be able to add more clients to any edition. Using this software, you will be able to decide the way that you want to charge computer and console use. You can charge by time blocks, minute, schedule time of day with different prices and more. Customers can use the same account for multiple logins until their account expires. You will also get complete control over your gaming center.

This software comes with a multi-language capability. You will find you that the setup wizard works smoothly. This tool includes a client application launchpad.It does not work. Internet Cafe software provide full control over computers on LAN.

internet cafe software

No matter is it used for gaming business or for little cafe on the corner. Caffe Client have glitches when it is used with the Windows Staedy State and when it is used on limited Windows user account.

Internet Cafe software is almost decade on the market and leader in providing all that you could need. I personally set it in my brothers Cafe. It is not required that you are some network wizard or that you have IT master degree. Antamedia technical support give me all needed instructions how to setup properly network and how to install software to work without a problem.

My brother use Internet Caffe from version 4. The antamedia internet cafe software I bought does not work. And the back up cd which I bought together with the software has not arrived yet for 3 months now. They would not refund my money! The software is not working!!! I highly agree with meiliki The software is unreliable and useless. The back up cd that I bought with the software has not arrived yet.

It has been 3 months now. They are cheaters! I have to reinstall the software for lot of times because of the same problems that meiliki has stated below. It is worst than terrible!

internet cafe software

I have wasted my money and time! This software freezes, icons disappear off the desktop, trying to close the client software freezes the computers, clients disconnect regularly from the server and trying to uninstall the software all-together has locked up all my computers except 3. The operating system now needs to be re-installed on 7 out of 10 computers. The product is unreliable.The Internet cafe software began to be much more popular than before in recent ten years. Nevertheless, they are so useful, functional, and have many advanced features, and practical appliance as a cyber cafe.

The Internet cafe software makes it possible to take monitoring, security, and control over your Internet cafe, as well as, your computers, laptops, Wi-Fis, gaming centers and other network devices by the help of one single device, for example, your personal computer.

internet cafe software

Naturally, users are looking for the best internet cafe software to use and benefit from its advantages.

There are both paid and free programs available to purchase online in the market, but it is better to get the best internet cafe software that satisfies your needs and expectations. So, in this article, you can find them fully researched for your best gaming and sweepstakes experience in the year for your Windows 10 operating system. Antamedia is probably the best Internet cafe software of its market and was established in It has too many well-known customers.

It is not free to get, but it is worth to buy and add it to your programs. Antamedia has all general functions that Internet cafe software must have, and the report of bugs gradually improves it, and most importantly the developers update Antamedia over and over.

Installing the Main Control Station

It is not only just internet cafe software but also it is valuable and profitable for the kiosk, e-Sport center, hotel, library, cafe owners. Besides those, it offers hotspot checking, buyer persona surveys, and the commercial solutions for the wireless networks to get high revenue flow. Of course, the additional revenue stream is crucially important for Internet cafes and Wi-Fi function of Antamedia provides that. Based on your settings, it can block access to clouds, desktop, system, folders, and other necessary areas.

It supports to manage and pay bills of your customers for the usage of internet surfing, gaming, sweepstakes softwareoffice programs, and for other retail applications. Antamedia is available to download and use under the operation program of Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and Also, it provides additional full support for the Windows 10 users.

The Best Internet Cafe Softwares of 2019

A license of Antamedia carries a server and several client devices, such as notebooks. For instance, if you have six computers, and eight consoles, then you need to buy a package for 14 customers. Each package includes the number of Wi-Fi connections that allow controlling the wireless network users.

All editions of Antamedia empowers the function of charge or block time bills for a minute or hour, depending on your choices. Additionally, it is possible to control VIP or free usage. This internet cafe software has lite, standard, premium, and enterprise editions. Altogether, Antamedia exclusively offers the following options:. My Cafe Cup is another Internet cafe software to use on Windows It operates since and is considered a pioneer in this industry.

My Cafe Cup also has a bulk of customers and offers many different features to its users. It provides solutions for internet cafesbusiness centers, gaming centers and so on. It is useful for the intranet and billing for the cafe. Its system allows setting different plans for each customer. Also, it enables to monitor, control, and manage all connected devices remotely from one device. It has a high-security level to trust, only authorized persons can access server, and only admin can grant entry for a user by creating individual passwords and usernames.

Additionally, it supports Wi-Fi hotspot billing system. Main advantages of second best Internet cafe software of our list are the following:. Cyber Cafe Pro, the third of our list, was created in and now provides its solution systems for internet cafes in more than countries. Like two above mentioned software, it has also compatible with all Windows editions.

Compared to other, Cyber Cafe Pro is too multilingual, because of its worldwide usage. Automatically updates and bug developments are often realized by the help of user feedback.Running an Internet cafe isn't just a matter of setting up a few computers and inviting customers to use them.

You have to have a way to monitor and charge for the amount of time that customers use. It's not particularly sophisticated, but if you need a basic way to track computer usage and ring up transactions, it could be exactly what you're looking for. IncaMS includes both client and server software, and we installed both without any issues.

The program lets you manage up to 50 terminals, and it was pretty easy to figure out how everything worked without consulting the online Help file. IncaMS lets customers prepay and use a terminal for a set amount of time--the program will automatically end the session once the time is up--or pay after using a terminal for as long as they like. A stock editor lets you charge customers not only for Internet usage but also for food, beverages, fax, telephone, and any other goods or services your cafe might provide.

A checkout dialog lets you complete cash transactions and print receipts. At the end of the day, the cash-up feature provides a summary of the shift's transactions. Overall, we liked IncaMS quite a bit. We're sure that there are fancier programs of this type, but this one is free and more than adequate.

It installs and uninstalls without issues. Its a very interesting piece of software, and its good that one can have all these features without any limitations due to unpaid registration fees. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Click here to review our site terms of use. If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET's Site Terms of Useyou can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment.

Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Overview Review User Reviews Specs.

What do you need to know about free software? Publisher's Description. IncaMS supports postpaid customers. IncaMS supports up to 50 terminals and a cash sale.

IncaMS has an integrated stock system to enable snack and stationary sales to customers. User Reviews. Pros the client editor makes customization easy, the interface is quick and efficient and it supports customer accounts Cons there isn't a real help file available on the software, but its easy enough to figure out Summary Its a very interesting piece of software, and its good that one can have all these features without any limitations due to unpaid registration fees.


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